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    Post by Jack Frost on Thu Sep 27, 2012 11:27 pm

    It seems that we have a new board. This board is called PLC, or Pokemon Live Connection. Right now, there are only two PLC Mods besides myself. If you want to be a PLC Mod, you have to have good spelling and grammar (meaning u dun tlk liek dis|and you cant talk like this either) and you have to be able to manage posting huge posts. The PLC wasn't my idea, I got the idea of it from another site, but I claim it as my responsibility here. So I'm in charge of any PLC Moderators, and making anyone a PLC Moderator.
    PLC Mods have the power of normal mods, but only on the PLC Boards. They can go on the mod board, as well.
    The PLC is, in a way, a roleplay, but it is also a fanfiction. It's hard to explain, actually.

    No, I was not really born on July 15th, 1997. I'm just trying to have my profile be like the Ichigo Kurosaki that Tite Kubo made. I'm actually Female, and I was born 8/22/1998.

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