Little Raven in the Night (POEM)

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    Little Raven in the Night (POEM) Empty Little Raven in the Night (POEM)

    Post by Night Angel on Sun Sep 30, 2012 5:33 pm

    Little Raven in the Night

    Kids go from door to door.
    One's an ogre, one's a witch
    Skeleton man answers, a scythe in hand.
    Kids run and hide away from the man.

    One by one, the children leave.
    Until all but one are gone.
    Dressed as a little raven,
    The brave little girl walks up

    Knock, knock.
    Open the door.
    There is the spooky skeleton man, scythe in hand.
    Little girl doesn't scream or run, but states one thing.

    "Trick or Treat"
    Skeleton Man is suprised and so is his wife.
    "Candy" the little Raven demands.
    Skeleton Man, still suprised, does as she asks.

    Skeleton Man watches the brave child go.
    Little Raven in the Night.

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