Pet-an completely and utterly original story Ch.1


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    Pet-an completely and utterly original story Ch.1 Empty Pet-an completely and utterly original story Ch.1

    Post by Flippyarmy on Fri Nov 30, 2012 9:59 pm

    Before we begin, I would like to tell slightly about this current day,
    The day our story begins.
    The place, Happy Tree Town, a town cursed to be anthropomorphic and die everyday in the most unorthodox ways, but only to return to life the next day in the town hospital.
    ((WARNING, blood and gore is in here, and FXF, so be warned haters :p))
    Our three characters are mere people who this world was unforgiving to;
    Flippy, the Vietnam war bear veteran with a split personality named evil who only wants the pain of others and his host
    Flaky, a poor porcupine who is absolutely afraid of everything that moves. Although her fears are clearing up, her worst fear though( next to chicks of course ) of her husbands second personality
    And our main character, Amber.
    Amber is a child, half porcupine and half bear, with the quills and dandruff of her mother and her fathers ears, and a few random genetics. Unfortunately, a genetic disorder runs throughout flippys family in which causes a second demonic side to appear in time of need and stay forever, possibly destroying that animals life.

    Let us begin.....

    {Amber's POV}

    I awoke slightly early, later then my father but earlier then my mother, who slept till either my dad woke her or a nightmare plagued her dream. I rubbed my anxious head, it always got this way when I woke up, and daddy just said it was slightly genetic and he awoke that way to, so I dismissed it as I slipped on my red fuzzy slippers that my dad said not to wear in the morning, but I was going outside in the backyard where he wasn't, so my mom said I could wear them there. As I quickly ran into the kitchen and grabbed an apple, I was outside before my dad could say good morning. I sat outside and listened to the beauty of the near-by forbidden forest. No one says why it's forbidden, it just is, and we live near here because the town isn't safe for my dad, at least that's what he said. I easily finished my apple and took off my robe, smiling since I had decided to put on clothes instead of Pj's yesterday night, I was going to the forest with my three friends giggles, petunia, and cuddles. They were a couple years older then me but I acted old enough to hand around a bunch of sixteen year olds while I'm twelve. I placed a chair next to the fence and slipped on my sneakers, and ran at the chair. It was easy enough and I have done it before but what I wasn't prepared for, was my dad coming outside."Amber! What are you doing?!" He called at me as I turned to look at him and felt my foot connect with our dogs chew toy. I tumbled till I hit the chair and groaned, another failed attempt at leaving unexpected. I turned and climbed on to the chair, then on to the fence before giving a mock salute to my dad and jumping the rest of the way over, running towards the forests edge.

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