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    Posting Rules. Empty Posting Rules.

    Post by Fai on Sun Sep 16, 2012 12:25 pm

    There are rules here that you must follow.
    Failure to follow these rules will lead to your banishment.

    1.) In regards to characters, you may use images from Google Images, Photobucket, etc. but you must give credit to the owner. Anything with a watermark (Clipart, Deviantart) is not permitted and will be removed.

    2.) Fursonas must be designed by you. If it has art by other artists, you may bring it over to this site if they allow it.

    3.) You are not permitted to copy the form used by other members except for common information.

    4.) If a name is uncommon, do not steal it and/or take it elsewhere. You will get banned by me and I will report you on whatever site it was that you took the name to.
    Exceptions are: Common names like Alex or Lucy

    5.) Unless permitted by the creator, you may not copy any information, designs, accessories, clothes, etc. of a character.

    6.) This is for my own use, but if you make a vampire character, you will be under close watch by me.

    7.) Before you post a human experiment character, contact me because of copyright purposes to my friend on another site and I (We don't want similarities).

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