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    As jason was being thrown about, He let the information the gathered earlier to sink in and truthfully it didn't look good. from said information Jason has concluded that this covenant and UNSC are at war and this what ever it is has now mistaken him for a member of this UNSC and is now taking him prisoner. but what he just couldn't understand was the fact that non of these aliens even bothered to disarm him, yes they took his rifle away but he still has his sidearm and knife, and all his little pyrotechnics he keeps all over his self. just one of these little bombs could take out everyone in this little ship. "Do any of you actually know how to fly this thing?" Jason asked as the dropship was being thrown about.

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    (Elsa will not be joining us anymore, sorry to say...)

    The pilot muttered a couple insults to the Human in English, but basically kept calm. Voras watched as the ships jumped. He couldn't pursue, and he knew it. So he just calmed himself and moved back to the roomy interior. He stood near the entrance to the cockpit as he looked at those that had survived the battle. "Brothers, we must have patience. Our fleet shall be here soon, but we have not left unrewarded." He gestured to the Human. "This whelp will lead us to the other infestations, so that we may cleanse their worlds of the disease they call humanity." He tightened his fist as he finished, so he could get his point across. He had made sure to say it in English, so that the Human would understand every word. Some of the Elites roared after that, and Voras moved to the Human. No reason not to have questioning begin early...

    "Those new allies of your have seemed to have abandoned you, Human." Voras said, almost mocking him. "You can see the treachery of your own race, can you not? They have left you here to die. But you shall not die, you will help us. So we may get revenge for you..." He finished. He stared the Human in the eyes, and waited for a response.

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    The soldier looked up at Voras, and growled a bit from his more canine suited vocal chords, "You fucking scum, I'd rather die for my captain, than say a word to you." He said with a rather aggressive tone.

    Siegmeyer soon arrived back on his own ship, however none of his men seemed to be with him. Since all of them were dead, and or MIA. "Rei, take the ship over. I plan to go to my own quarters. It's been a long day, and I need to write up a speech, in honor of the knights, that gave their lives today."

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    The eastern mountains,

    pale behind the sheets of glass,

    will birth fire at dawn.


    The western valley,

    stoking the dying embers,

    takes its final breath.

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