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    Character name: August Eckstein

    Nickname/Alias: "The Dandy", August

    Age: Twenty

    Gender: Male

    Description: August is a fairly tall male, standing at 6'1". He has an incredibly thin build, weighing in at perhaps 140 pounds, and looks rather similar to a skeleton. He lacks any sort of fat, and also quite a bit of muscle. The phrase 'skin and bones' could be taken quite literally referring to August, since he seems to be nothing but.

    His hair is long for a male; in fact, one could even say his hair was long for a female. It has a straight, silky texture, and falls to his waist in length, perhaps even a bit past it. His hair is naturally a fairly pale blonde, getting lighter if he is exposed to a lot of sunlight. August's bangs often hang in his eyes - or, to be more precise, in front of his eyes - since they are so long that they hang past his nose in length. On days when his bangs are being particularly irritating, he'll pull them back with a hair tie or use a hair band to keep his hair behind his ears. Sometimes, he will tie his hair back into a ponytail, but very rarely.

    Pale blue in colour, August's eyes are large and round. They have lashes so ridiculously long that just about any female who meets him gets jealous and usually begs him to know the name of what mascara he uses - the answer is 'none'. He just happens to have really long eyelashes that are fairly dark in colour. Usually, his eyes are somewhere between a shade of ice blue and turquoise. The exact colour depends on the clothes he wears and the environment he is in, but it is usually in that general region. There is a ring of darker blue on the very outside of the iris, as well as a ring of light gold around the pupil; coming from the fact that his mother had brown eyes. In bright situations, he is usually squinting purely because he can't see otherwise. As one might expect by his general choice of clothing, his eyes are often lined with black eyeliner, and emphasized with a touch of black eyeshadow, although nowhere near enough to be obvious or distracting.

    August's skin is a very pale cream colour; so light that it is almost completely white. For obvious reasons, this means he gets sunburn very, very easily. August absolutely hates sunburns - and tans as well, for that matter - so his clothes often cover so much skin that one would think he accidentally landed himself in a time a few centuries too late. For shirts, August almost always is wearing long-sleeved ones, and, if he isn't wearing a long sleeved shirt, he is most definitely wearing a sweater or jacket. His shirts tend to be of a very formal, gothic-victorian style. They are often button-down, and generally have very high collars, with fitted shoulders and wrists but looser sleeves. Usually, they are in shades of black and blue, although he does also own a few white shirts.

    His pants, too, are in a gothic-victorian style. Most commonly, he will be wearing cream coloured or black knee length breeches with tall black platform books covering his legs from knee down. Occasionally, he will switch out his breeches for black trousers or, on very casual days, black skinny jeans. He will always be wearing knee-high, black platform boots, though. They are practically his signature item of clothing.

    On colder days, or on days when he is wearing a short-sleeved shirt, August will put on a jacket. The main jacket he wears is a dark blue frock coat with golden buttons. Usually, he will also wear a vest underneath, but, on warmer days, he may not. Overall, his clothes seem to be impractical and generally uncomfortable, but August is quite a fan of them, and claims that they are completely practical, even if they do require perhaps a bit more attention when cleaning than normal clothes do.

    As one might expect, August's posture matches his clothing choice completely. He stands with ruler-straight posture, and almost always maintains his perfect posture. Of course, he is only human, and there are times when he slips up, but he is often very quick to correct himself. Usually, he will keep his hands in his pockets, or he will keep his arms bent behind his back, his hands clasped behind him just over the backs of his upper thigh.

    Instead of carrying a backpack to carry his items, he will carry a leather bag with a long strap that he hangs over his right shoulder, the bag resting on his left hip so that the strap crosses diagonally across his chest. On sunny days, he may also be carrying a parasol of various colours. Usually the colour of his parasol relates to the colour of his clothing; for example, if he is wearing a blue shirt, he will be carrying a blue parasol.

    Frock Coat
    Jacket (Black and white)
    Vest (He owns it in blue, black, gold, and green)
    Shirt One (Blue, black, and white)
    Shirt Two (Black, white, and green)
    Shirt Three (Including the cravat; black, blue, white, green, and gold)
    Shirt Four (White and blue)
    Parasol (Blue, black, green, and gold)



    Friends and enemies:


    Key Items:


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