So um,,, Hi guys...?


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    So um,,, Hi guys...? Empty So um,,, Hi guys...?

    Post by Lydia on Mon Nov 19, 2012 2:08 pm

    So yeah, this is MidNightPaige from TeenRPG (Where I never really posted a introduction)I've changed my name since I have so far become attached to the name Lydia (And my friends at school call me Lydia, apparently because I look like one... LIES!)and I don't like MidNightPaige that much... It's annoying to log in with so I wanted something small, like Lydia XD. I found this site while Google searching stuff and was like "*Gasp!* Lucien?! *Click* Oh my gosh! Icey!" Then joined... So seriously, I did that exactly like that. Well yeah... I'm obviously crazy, I enjoy stalking Icey's characters, and randomly Google searching things... Oh the bordem of my life... Well anyway, hopefully this site isn't dead... Then I would have joined for no reason but yeah x3 Well I'm too lazy to post anything else... So please let this site be alive lol!
    Jack Frost
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    So um,,, Hi guys...? Empty Re: So um,,, Hi guys...?

    Post by Jack Frost on Wed Nov 21, 2012 2:30 pm

    Paige!? It's me, BoyceAvenueLOVER1998! Welcome to Vivir a la Roleplay.
    Wow. I never knew we could be found on Google.

    No, I was not really born on July 15th, 1997. I'm just trying to have my profile be like the Ichigo Kurosaki that Tite Kubo made. I'm actually Female, and I was born 8/22/1998.

    So um,,, Hi guys...? Adolpu1b59c

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